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Our 1:1 120 minute virtual coaching session is perfect for beginners looking to learn how to use all natural dyes in their baking, specifically sugar cookie decorating. Chef Terror will guide you through the process of creating beautiful and delicious sugar cookies using only natural dyes. You'll learn tips and tricks for sugar cookie decorating that will leave your guests impressed with your ability to create healthier sugar cookie options. Book a session with Chef Terror to take your sugar cookies from basic to badass!

1:1 120 Minute Coaching Session

  • After purchasing the 1:1 120 minute coaching session with Chef Terror, you will be sent options for booking a time slot. 

    This 120 minute coaching session is meant to cover all of your burning questions, complications, or frustrations you might have about working with natural dyes while decorating cookies.

    We should be able to cover the whole process from start to finish!

    All sessions will take place via Zoom or FaceTime. 

    Make sure to come prepared with:

    *something to write on

    *all pre-made dough, pre-made cookies, ingredients to create icing/pre-made icing, and any/all natural dyes you have on hand. (These depend on what you would like to focus on in this session) 

    120 minutes is plenty of time to cover all your questions in depth... but only if you come prepared!

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